Yellow Card star returns to small screen

Ratidzo Mambo, prominent back in the day for her lead role as Linda Karombo in the popular “Yellow Card,” makes a return to the local screen after an absence of more than 10 years.

Ratidzo Mambo
Ratidzo Mambo

Mambo will be back on the screens this month at the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF) where she will star in a comedy entitled “Moms”, which she co-produced and directed.

The short comedy series is about moms and daughters, played by the same actresses. Friends Mickey (Dioni Michelle Collins) and Pati (Mambo) are aspiring actresses living in Los Angeles. When their mothers come to visit, they are let loose in Hollywood with a plan to help their daughters get work.

“Hilarious, heartfelt, and with a rotating cast of fresh new talent, Moms will make you discover the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” said Mambo in an interview ahead of the ZIFF scheduled for October 4-11.

Mambo moved to Australia to pursue her acting career soon after Yellow Card was produced in 2000 and then to Los Angeles. Besides appearing in a music video, Marilyn Monroe, by award-winning musician, Pharrel William, she starred briefly opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in the 100th episode of GLEE, the American series.

She played prominent roles in such productions as “Happy Sundaes” “10Terrorist” and “Wicked Science”. She is currently working on an untitled independent feature film.

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