Zanu (PF) belongs to Mugabe

I can’t help but wonder whether by any chance all those who risked their lives and joined the war could have imagined that at the end of it all, Zanu (PF) would be really about the ambitions and fears of one man.

Vince Musewe
Vince Musewe

I doubt very much whether they anticipated that their lives would not get any better but deteriorate, that they would be non-entities, irritants who would have no claim whatsoever to the fruits of the armed struggle; that heroes of the struggle would be approved by a man who was never the founder nor initiator of the struggle. It us such a shame that after so many lives lost, so many dreams shattered, we sit here today wishing that history had looked kindly upon us.

It is indeed sad when I see some ordinary Zami (PF) members who have nothing to show for their years of supporting a political party that only knows how to protect the interests of a few.

I cannot imagine what Herbert Chitepo and the other founders of our freedom train would say where they to resurrect today. They would no doubt be shocked and saddened at the horror that ZANU has become.

It is clear that Zanu (PF) belongs to Mugabe to do as he wishes and its members are mere instruments to be used at his pleasure and discarded as he sees fit – regarded as mere incompetents, invalids, parasites that have nothing of value to add except when it comes to elections.

I pity them because they have chosen to be materially wealthy while being morally bankrupt. Our God who created us to do good must surely cry at what Zanu (PF) has become.

As I reflect on where we could have been as a country had Tongogara, Chitepo, Takawira and others survived the struggle, it saddens me to see the degeneration around us. But I cannot lose hope that one day some among them will rise to the occasion and free us from this abyss of despair and hopelessness by daring to be honest to who they truly are. Surely my God created all of us for a grander and more profound purpose?

The ideals of the liberation struggle have never been met and they remain still to be achieved by our generation. The armed struggle was about social justice for all citizens of Zimbabwe, regardless of race, religion or gender and yet today we are a divided society that is characterised by apathy and abuse.

The ideals of our struggle can never met if they seek to be achieved through hate and selfish ambition. They must be based on our thirst as a people for true freedom to live up to our full potential in a country that respects our rights and ambitions. Racism, greed, violence, dictatorship, lies, cheating and killing can never raise those who practice them, but merely demean their humanity.

My heart truly bleeds when I see grown men and women full of fear that is covered up as pride and arrogance in supporting a cause through pretence. I have met many of them, argued with them and I fear for them. There will come a time when this will all end I know. There will come a time when they will realise that their lives have been wasted, abused and undervalued by a man and his selfish ambition for power and honour earned through instilling fear in others and not through merit or authenticity.

I do not admire Zanu(PF) nor do I wish to be associated with it. In fact, I feel sorry for its members who have been consumed by an illusion that has made them believe that it is right to support and buttress the objectives of political party consumed by hate and fear of the truth; a political party that creates enemies of its own citizens and yet bleeds them into poverty and lack.

There is nothing for good and honourable men and women in Zanu (PF), nothing for our children and our country now and in the future. The little that some of its members might have accumulated through theft and advantage is nothing compared to what they could have had if our country was managed by patriotic leaders. Most members of the party are limited, controlled, manipulated by Mugabe only to die forsaken, poor and alone. That has happened to most of the dead heroes and it will also happen to most of those who have spent their lives supporting the party.

As they go to congress we shall see party members being once again be abused to support the establishment of a Mugabe dynasty that has no interest in developing our country or freeing its people from oppression.

I continue to pray that my God who is powerful, unstoppable and all-knowing will release us from this bondage in this life time, so that we may all live to our full glorious potential.

Zimbabwe belongs to all of us and is not to one man and his family. Zimbabwe belongs to all who were born in it – black and white. The Zimbabwe we want to create is waiting for every citizen to play a meaningful role as we reverse this travesty, this big lie that only Mugabe and his kin must rule over us.

May these truths force themselves into your minds and release you. – Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. You can contact him at [email protected]

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