Zifa sets transfer deadlines

The Zimbabwe Football Association has set out transfer period deadlines for the 2015 soccer season. The first transfer window will run for three months - from January 1 to March 25, according to Zifa Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Mashingaidze.

Zifa Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Mashingaidze
Zifa Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Mashingaidze

The four-week long second transfer window will commence on the morning of July 1 till midnight of the 31st of the same month. “Please be advised that international and local transfers have a statutory 15% transfer commission that is payable to ZIFA. Requisite information on statutory returns in respect of the transfer regulations is obtainable at ZIFA head office,” Mashingaidze wrote to all the affiliates of the national football federation.

Player transfer and registration is guided by Annex 3.1 of the FIFA regulations which reads, “All applicants to register a professional footballer must be submitted by the new club to the new association during one of the registration periods established by the association.” Although there are few foreigners who move into Zimbabwean football, it is during the first transfer window period that most Zimbabwean footballers move to league’s outside the country and mostly to South African clubs.

During that period clubs are not affected by the player movements as the domestic game will be on the off season break but it is during the second transfer window period that clubs feel the pinch as they lose their top players during the course of the soccer programme.

ZIFA Spokesperson, Xolisani Gwesela, appealed to all affiliates to adhere to transfer regulations.

“All affiliates are advised to conduct their player movements within the confined dates to avoid breaching stated regulations,” said Gwesela.

“In cases where they don’t understand the regulations they are free to visit our transfer-matching system office for guidance. As you are aware, a breach in transfer regulations results in a FIFA sanction and affiliates should comply with laid down rules to avoid such severe consequences.”

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