Grace is pursuing the wrong rogues

It is a well-known Zanu PF tactic to blame everyone else but themselves when things are not going their way. Grace Mugabe is a slow learner by all account but she has clearly learnt this tactic now. She was berating ‘rogue' Zanu PF officials for colluding with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) for trying to get rid of her hus-band.

Grace Mugabe
Grace Mugabe

“At a rally in Gweru, south of Harare this week,” wrote Peter Fabricius in New Zimbabwe, “she said these rogue officials were saying that no programme to rescue Zimbabwe from its downward economic spiral could succeed “as long as Mugabe is in office.”

“There are senior people who pretend to support President Mugabe and during the day even dance to songs praising him, but during the night they say he is too old and should go,” continued Grace.

Well she got herself twisted in her knickers, but it is to be expected from this up start who does not have an “O” level certificate but has a PhD after three months.

First of all MDC are died, they have proven beyond all doubt that they are breathtakingly incompetent it is pathetic to even think they can engineer anything to ouster Mugabe now when they had the tyrant on the ropes for five years and they failed to deliver the coup de grace to finish him. All MDC had to do was implement the reforms and Mugabe, unable to rig the elections, would have been finished.

So having failed to carry out the more straight forward task of implementing the reforms our Doctorate with no “O” level qualification now thinks these MDC idiots can engineer the nation’s economic meltdown! All one can say Madam we all know you did not get the PhD for your intellectual prowess; keep your hands below the level of your head!

Second but more significantly is it not any of these Zanu PF “rogues” dancing and praising your husband during the day but plotting his removal at night who are responsible for Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown. The Zanu PF rogue, yes it is a Zanu PF rogue who has dragged the nation into this hell-hole, is corrupt and murderous tyrant whom you have been sharing your bed with all these years, the one and only Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

For years Mugabe has denied there was no mismanagement and corruption and has blamed the economic slow-down on drought, MDC, on the sanction “imposed by the evil imperialists”, etc. So for years these cancers of mismanagement and corruption have been allowed to grow and spread to every corner of the economy. After 34 years of this criminal waste of human and material resources the economy has had it.

Mugabe has shied away from dealing with the mismanagement and corruption because they constitute an integral part of the political patronage system which he has used to reward those loyal to him. It is political patronage that has kept Mugabe and Zanu PF in power all these years, he could not dismantle it.

Now with the economy is the doldrums and the party’s popularity rock bottom Mugabe and Zanu PF are totally dependent on rigging the elections to stay in power as we saw in the 2008 and 2013 elections. Mugabe and Zanu PF cannot afford to dismantle the pat-ronage system now and as long as it remains in place the gross mismanagement and rampant corruption will remain.

So yes, as long as Mugabe and Zanu PF remain in power the economic meltdown now gripping the national economy will only get worse! It is not MDC or rogue Zanu PF officials who have engineered this but Mugabe himself. He is caught in a trap of his own making; the criminal waste born by mismanagement and corruption was economically unsustainable. After 34 years of this waste the Zimbabwe economy has had it!

The economic meltdown is real. Unemployment has soared to nauseating heights of 90% plus, 300 000 children or 80% are out of school, 62% of the people are poor and 16% or 2 million now live in abject poverty, etc. How much worse does the situation have to get before you people in Zanu PF finally accept the regime has failed and it must therefore go.

Mugabe and Zanu PF must step down to allow the democratic reforms agreed in 2008 to be implemented so that a new government with the electoral mandate to address mis-management, corruption and all the other economic problem weight down heavily on the economy and thus free it to grow and recovery can do so.

There are those who say Mugabe is too old and feeble to lead the nation out of the cur-rent economic mess; nonsense he is the one who dragged the nation into this mess, he was young, strong and vigorous then! The truth is he a corrupt and murderous tyrant who never had any useful idea. He found himself in a position of power could not resist the default setting of using political patronage to consolidate his grip on power.

Grace Mugabe is just another intellectual midget catapulted way beyond her level of competence, who too is reverting to the same default setting of political patronage to consolidate her grip on power. Poor Grace, whilst Robert had a strong and vibrant econ-omy when he started, she has a feeble economic in total meltdown, feeble husband and a political party tiring itself to pieces. The poor woman is trying her best to hang on but she cannot and has a long, long way to fall!

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