Mugabe and entourage blow $2m

EDITOR - The recent trip to New York to attend the UN general meeting gave Mugabe and his travelling party the opportunity to blow over $2 million on travelling expenses and their personal shopping spree. Mugabe and his lieutenants have shown their selfishness time and time again – but the recent travel expenses can never be justified as the country is down on its knees.

Blackouts have increased lately and water cuts are also on the rise but to Zanu (PF) these basic issues don’t matter anymore as they are out of touch with reality on the ground. Money spent in New York could have been better spent on medicines for our hospitals. Our roads are in bad shape and the infrastructure needs upgrading and updating. Patients are dying every day in most government hospitals – not because they are beyond recovery but due to the fact that most of these institutions have been neglected for far too long. Hospitals like Parirenyatwa are no longer fit for purpose, (no medicines, shortage of staff, poor equipment, infrastructure collapsing and out of date machines).

Given such a case one wonders why money being wasted on traveling is not put to such good use. Mugabe should just do the noble thing and resign and he should take with him all his lieutenants as all of them have shown how wasteful they are for the last 34 years. If Mugabe doesn’t resign soon events back home will force him as the populace is growing tired of his ignorance of the reality on the ground. – Ephraim Chinana, United Kingdom

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