No Mugabe dynasty says Makoni

Mavambo Kusile Dawn leader Simba Makoni has called on Zimbabweans to refuse to allow and Mugabe dynasty to take over the country.

Simba Makoni
Simba Makoni

He castigated President Robert Mugabe for abdicating his responsibilities as leader of Zimbabwe in favour of his wife Grace.

Makoni lambasted Mugabe, accusing him of going underground and only resurfacing to cap graduates at a state university and visit the Vatican without saying whether he approves or disapproves of the statements made by his wife on matters of state and government.

Makoni accused Grace of paralyzing government through the abuse of national resources and state machinery during her “meet- the- people tour.”

“Her recent activities have been disruptive of government and prejudicial to the nation’s scarce resources,” said Makoni, adding that the resources that have been deployed towards this cause could have been channelled towards alleviating some of the hardships encountered daily by millions of Zimbabweans.

He implored Mugabe to make known his thoughts regarding the ‘incompetent ministers’ he had appointed. “What is his position about all this? Is he condoning the disparaging remarks Grace is making about the ministers that he appointed and whom he supervises?” queried Makoni.

“If he is not happy with them, why is he keeping them?”

Makoni said it is wrong for the first lady to pronounce action on government ministers considering that she had no mandate to fire any government minister.

“Accessing and pronouncing action like we are going to dismiss them and if the president does not do it, we are going to do it ourselves goes beyond Grace’s realm,” said Makoni.

He said Mugabe’s silence meant that he was in agreement with his wife’s “partisan, divisive, combative and self-centred statements”.

Makoni said the trend by government ministers and other public office bearers to accompany Grace on her rallies prejudiced the country of labour.

“They can ignore their party’s Constitution and do what they want, we do not care,” he said, calling on all ministers that accompanied the first lady to give an account of what national business they were conducting during the tour.

“I would like Jonathan Moyo to explain what government work he was doing at Rudhaka stadium last week when Grace Mugabe was lambasting Ray Kaukonde,” challenged Makoni.

Makoni dismissed as false statements by Grace that his party had been formed at vice president Joice Mujuru’s house, arguing that although he was a close acquaintance of the Mujuru’s especially the late former military commander, Solomon, there was a clear distinction between the duo’s political lives.

“However, we draw clear distinctions between our personal lives and our political affiliations. The Mujuru’s are my in-laws and there is no way that you can separate our relationship based on our political differences,” said Makoni.

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