Would you advise Joice Mujuru to leave the country or do you think she is still safe?

For mhomz there's absolutely no need to leave the country, for what? isnt all her loot in Zim afterall, she just has to stay and spend her load with a shut mouth. who said she is in danger?, she's out of the game already and she's been outsmarted and shown that she is too mentally weak to lead a Nation.

she was mum when her husband died, she was mum when Gucci smeared her, infact she wasnt smeared she was exposed only to try to justify herself in the 11 hour, she's been mum whilst looting diamonds and wheat at the expense of the poverty stricken Zimbos therefore let her be silent to her grave….she's worse than the late blood fleecing flea Kangai. – Alexa McNeal

The Mugabes are not novices in politics.I would tell Mujuru to stay put because the whole world would be watching the Mujuru saga. If Mujuru were to be harmed from Zim that would expose Bob. On the face of it Joice does not seem to have commited any crime and it follows that no court of law would convict her. – Moyo Bhowasi

Zanu-PF believes that after all the bad smelling water under the bridge, it can rebrand itself in Munangagwa much the same way as Frelimo post Machel did in Mocambique. It would want to portray itself as a progressive, investor friendly neo-revolutionary entity that works with the rest of the world for the good of the nation. The question is: will the people allow them a second bite of the cherry or will it fade into oblivion? Interesting times ahead for us all. God Bless the motherland. – Sean Amers


The main problem is that the way they accumulated their wealth was bloody dirty. They used the political muscles wrongly to the extent that nothing is really genuine and reliable. Having said this, for all the expelled members to form a new opposition party, is as same as to bring themselves to the alter for a political sacrifice. – Shepherd WaMasedze

leaving the country will attract unwanted attention, she better stay put. – @kenny_rab

Zimbabweans are good at "leaving the country" so she will. – @mbuyujr

Safe. You cant run away from 'yourself' – @koliwenyoni

She is safe as long as she doesn't threaten other people's power, – @chigundu

…She is a trained person, safe,safe very safe. [email protected]

she must just stay and form or join tbe Opposition parties. – @Obeezy_Mud

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