Another man’s name

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a young man aged 29 and my girlfriend of nine months recently sent me a love text with another man’s name that showed that the message was misdirected. It tells about how she loves that guy and that she never will let go no matter what. She never said anything about it and pretended she had never sent such a text to me. I am now stressed and always wondering if she is cheating on me. I am always reading that text and trying to read between the lines but it is not making any sense. What do I do? – Phil

Dear Phil

My guess is you will never get the answer to the questions you have about this text. If you do not ask your girlfriend about it you are going to stress yourself and in the end may never know what happened.

You need to sit down with your woman and ask her about it. You may even find out it was misdirected to you by somebody else who asked to use her phone. She may not even be aware of such a text that came through to you – and yet you are busy eating yourself up about it. You need to clear the air and not keep things to yourself. Get to the bottom of this text and you may find out that you are stressing unnecessarily. – Aunty Lisa

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