Can I marry them both?

Dear Aunty Lisa

I have two girlfriends, I love both of them and I had targeted to get married at 30 years, which I turn in December. I would love to get married this year but I am caught in between. Would it be a bad thing if I marry them both? My father was a polygamist and I think it is just something that runs in the family. I have been dating them both for a year now but the truth is each of them thinks she is the only one in my life. I had thought by the beginning of this year I would have got rid of one of them. They are so humble and loving that I have seen them both fit to be my wife. I don’t think I want to remain with one, as I love both of them. Will it be bad in this day and age to be a polygamist? – Tendai

Dear Tendai

Polygamy was very common long back. These days it is beginning to be regarded, as a thing of the past because of the HIV/AIDS pandemic , where sticking to one faithful partner is the order of the day. You can marry two women and be a very loving family man who is caring to his wives. The real issue here though is not about whether you mind being a polygamist, or any of your friends and relatives care, but it is whether your two girlfriends will accept that – whether they will be okay sharing you. I’m afraid you might be in for a rude shock there – you could even lose them both.

Right now they don’t even know that you are cheating on them. For as long as they do not know that you are seeing the two of them at the same time despite having plans to marry them both, that is cheating. Do not assume that they both love you so much they would marry you even if they are told they would be the second wife. Think straight and if you really decide that is what you want then sit your girlfriends down and let them know of your plans so that when they say “I do” they know what they are saying that to. – Aunty Lisa

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