Don’t keep quiet

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a woman aged 22 and I started my industrial attachment in January and I am facing problems where I work. My immediate boss makes sexual advances on me and I find it very uncomfortable.

He passes comments like “those are some nice legs” or “you have such a beautiful skin” or the other day he said, “Which gym do you work out with?” When I asked why he told me because I have such a nice athletic body.

I now find it weird to consult him on work-related issues because sitting or standing close to him makes me feel very uncomfortable. I am beginning to lose focus of my work. He makes very nice comments I would really love to hear believe me, but just his age makes it all creepy and not proper. I don’t know what he is trying to drive at and I don’t know how to tell him, I don’t want to sound rude. Please help. – Cristabell

Dear Cristabell

You are right to be concerned about your boss’s actions and comments – they are totally unacceptable and considering that you feel uncomfortable and you don’t like it, that becomes sexual harassment. You are being harassed and the perpetrator needs to know that you do not appreciate what he is doing.

I understand telling him won’t be easy considering that he is your immediate supervisor, he may not take it well and could make life difficult for you. The best way of approaching your problem is to talk to someone who is on the same level as your boss – and ask them to talk to him on your behalf. If you have a human resources officer kindly ask if there is a sexual harassment policy at your workplace and report the matter using the channel as prescribed.

Or find a woman on the staff who you can trust and share your issue with so that she would be a witness if you need one in future. Whichever way you chose, please don’t choose to keep quiet about it. This man is a potential rapist who is abusing his power and you don’t want to be forced into something you don’t want and give in just because it is your boss and you can’t say No to him. – Aunty Lisa

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