My white woman problems

Dear Aunty Lisa

I married a white woman three months ago against the advice of my family and friends who were talking much about tradition and all. Of course I did not listen to them as they were trying to district me from marrying the one I love.

My major problem though since we got married is that she has no respect. White women never get to realize that the man is the head of the house who needs to be respected. She points me with a finger in front of my family and has started calling me names. I had no idea what white women would turn into when you take them into being wife material. Please help how do I change my white woman? – B.J

Dear B.J

I want to begin by correcting you on something very wrong you keep mentioning. It appears you want to keep reminding me she is white and it is sad that you yourself have come to believe white women are disrespectful and never loving. Do not generalize, never do that in life.

If this particular white woman is disrespectful and unloving then you will be wrong to think that of every white woman out there. I think she has a problem as an individual and you need to sit her down and explain that what she does is something you do not appreciate. You may talk to her through her best friends who will knock some sense into her head without having to confront her.

Depending on how the two of you relate, it may actually be best to talk to her yourself and give her the picture of how the whole scenario looks in front of your friends and family. You are people raised and coming from different backgrounds and you just need to understand each other more before you judge each other. While you are at it, talk to her as a woman whose attitude you do not like –and not as a white woman. Her attitude has nothing to do with her race. – Aunty Lisa

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