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Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a young woman aged 21 and I have been working as a live-in house maid for the past two years. I have had good relations with the family – especially their kids.

I feel like I am part of the family with them treating me as such. I have also developed a strong bond with the toddlers and I feel like I am their big sister. My problem now is the father of the house who recently started making sexual advances towards me. He makes comments either about what I will be wearing or how I look that I really find to be awkward.

The other time I told him that I do not appreciate him talking to me like that and he said there was nothing wrong with a man appreciating the beauty of God’s creation. I am afraid if I tell his wife she may think I am framing her husband or that I invited the comments. What do I do? – Sandy Baby

Dear Sandy Baby

You do not have to fear the unknown and assume that his wife would react in such a manner when you have not said anything about it. What if she finds out on her own? That means she will hate you for not saying anything about it. She would obviously assume there may be more to it that you didn't tell. This man is taking advantage of being in a superior position. Him being your boss does not give him any right to abuse you in this manner.

I salute you for telling him and making it clear that you don't appreciate his comments. But now you need to speak out and stop this abuse while it is still small enough to be stopped. You need to send the message loud and clear that you are never going to entertain that kind of behaviour. Talk to this man one last time and show him that you do not bluff – tell him you will report him to his wife and to the police. This is an offense he can be charged with in court under the Domestic Violence Act. Be strong, stand up and let your voice be heard. – Aunty Lisa

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