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Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a young man who is working as a plumber. I had one lady calling me for some services in December and I have been to her house to fix some pipes. I have noticed however that recently her pipes keep blocking a lot, which is unusual especially just a week after fixing it.

I am beginning to suspect this lady is up to something, each time I am fixing her pipes she keeps going on and on about how useless his husband is for failing to fix what other men can fix.

The last time I was there last week she said to me, “ndichapota ndichikudaidza undibatsire zvakawanda zvirikutadzikwa nemurume wangu.” (I will keep calling you maybe you can help me with a lot of things my husband is failing to take care of.) That statement is loaded and I don’t know if I am the one whose imagination is now going wild.

Should I keep going there when she calls, how do I say no to providing my services when my family survives on it? – Jedza

Dear Jedza

You are not at all running your imagination too wild! This woman is trying to make some advances at you and it is all in what she tells you.

What has your plumbing got to do with her husband failing a lot of things? Yes you want the money, which you are working for but it is best to avoid this woman if you feel you will not be strong enough to look her in the face and say, “Ma’am I am just a plumber, I come here to fix your pipes and nothing more.” You sound like a good family man and you would not be happy if you disappoint your family and most of all disappoint yourself by doing something you would live to regret.

Make things clear with this woman – preferably before she tells you point blank that she wants more than plumbing services from you. Stand your ground and say no when you need to. – Aunty Lisa

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