I want him back

Dear Aunty Lisa

I was with this good guy that I dated for six months. I was not sure of my feelings and I sometimes treated him badly until he left me. I have now realised how he is such a nice guy; I guess I had looked so much for material things in a man. I now want him back, but he has been refusing to listen to anything I say. How do I get through to him? – Sibongile

Dear Sibongile

I think it’s good that you have assessed what happened before and realised you were wrong in overlooking his heart and looking only for material things. What you need now is to forgive yourself and let go the guilt.

Then you talk to your ex-boyfriend and ask for his forgiveness explaining to him that you have now seen the light. Let him know that you still love him and you regret how you treated him, also assure him you will never do it. But he needs to decide on his own whether he still wants to be back with you, you cannot force him.

Forgiving and trusting you may not come easily – even if he may be willing to try. When he does, make sure to be able to respect and love him so that you gain his trust back. The main thing is, if you don’t manage to get him to listen to you – learn this lesson so that you don’t make the same mistake again in future. Then the whole experience will have a positive impact on your character. – Aunty Lisa

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