MDC-T supporters stripped naked

Zanu (PF) supporters yesterday hijacked a Kombi in Njube high density suburb of Bulawayo ferrying MDC-T supporters and stripped naked some of the female occupants in the vehicle.

Some of the women who weres stripped
Some of the women who weres stripped

The kombi ferrying party supporters from Magwegwe to an MDC-T rally at Njube Hall was intercepted by the stone throwing Zanu (PF) youths who were travelling in two party vehicles registration numbers ABA 8049 and ABA 8089.

“They hijacked our kombi and took the cars keys from the driver before ordering all female passengers to remove their red T-shirts. While we were removing our T-shirts some of the youths fondled our breasts. Some of us managed to secure something to cover our bodies from the passersby while the unfortunate ones proceeded to the rally with bare breasts,” said one of the affected supporters who spoke to The Zimbabwean at Njube police station.

After hijacking the Kombi, the marauding Zanu (PF) youths managed to proceed to the venue of the rally where they also tried to disrupt the rally before being overpowered by MDC-T youths who managed to affect a citizen arrest to two of the youths and took them to the nearby Njube police.

The party’s Bulawayo East member of parliament, Tabitha Khumalo was forced to remove her T-shirt inside the charge office in protest at the police‘s reluctance to act on the issue.

One of the suspects being taken to Njube police station
One of the suspects being taken to Njube police station

“”This is violation of the dignity of women. We are still commemorating the women’s day and these thugs have the guts to abuse our supporters in this barbaric way. To make matters worse one of the senior police officers at the station Inspector Dembera (force No 04545) openly told me that the MDC should expect more of this violence “said a fuming Khumalo.

Throughout the rally MDC-T youths had a torrid time in trying to disband illegal roadblocks which were mounted by the youths along the entire road leading to the venue. Police kept a blind eye on the skirmishes.

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