‘Indigenised’ brickworks battled to keep afloat

Former finance minister Samuel Mumbengegwi has grabbed a quarry and brick-making company located on the outskirts of Masvingo but is reportedly struggling to keep the once-vibrant enterprise afloat.

Samuel Mumbengegwi
Samuel Mumbengegwi

The former Zanu (PF) provincial chairman, now a lecturer at Great Zimbabwe University, allegedly grabbed the company and a house from its former white owner, only identified as Mcdonald, without paying a cent. The house is located on the shores of Mucheke River along the Masvingo- Bulawayo highway.

Mcdonald is believed to have left the country after losing most of his business enterprises to Zanu (PF) bigwigs. According to worker s at Masvingo Quarries, Mumbengegwi is now in full control of the company, which used to provide Masvingo and surrounding areas with quarry stones, bricks, tiles and other building materials.

“Initially when Mr Mcdonald was here we used to have a staff compliment of over 100 workers but only 20 have been retained as production as gone down since Mumbengegwi took over,” said one of the workers. Another worker said he was grateful that the former minister was paying them on time, despite being paid paltry salaries.

Mumbengegwi confirmed the takeover of the company but said it was no longer news since he took over the enterprise long back. “I do not think it is still news,” he said.

He headed the higher and tertiary education ministry before being moved to the finance ministry. His political career crumbled when he was booted out of cabinet in 2009 Mumbengegwi was dismissed from cabinet together with 11 other ministers after he failed to secure a parliamentary seat in the 2008 elections. He tried to get the Chivi-Mwenezi senatorial seat on a Zanu (PF) ticket but was twice defeated by incumbent senator Josaya Hungwe in party primaries.

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