One-woman show for Hifa

Three women… one farm … a lifetime of memories.

Mpinga Mornings is a powerful and moving one woman play that features the intertwined lives of three women; a mother, a daughter and maid, whose lives are bound together by a farm and a common history.

Set in the turbulent recent Zimbabwean troubles, the story spans the Rhodesian Civil War through to the land invasions and economic collapse. Mpinga Mornings is an emotional map of the troubles that have afflicted ordinary Zimbabweans and it's a tribute to the strong and amazing women that form the backbone of this resilient society.

This is a deeply moving story, told with humor and pathos while avoiding the politics. The play uses music and song and showcases the multiple talents of Cape Town-based Debi Hawkins. Written by her screenwriter husband Roger, Mpinga Mornings marks a return to HIFA for this talented former Zimbabwean couple.

"Mpinga Mornings" will premiere at HIFA 2015 on 2nd May @21h00/3rd May @12h00 tickets: $12

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