Problems with gossip

Dear Aunty Lisa

I was in love with a man back home and we used to have fun together. But I always had a problem with him listening to gossips, which were a big issue troubling our relationship. I gave up on him and now I’m with another man to whom I told everything about my past. He has accepted me and he was so lonely when l met him.

I’m now working in Zambia and my old boyfriend in Zim is going around telling friends that he still loves me. I’m now caught in between. The man I’m with right now is so loving and I fear breaking his heart. I don’t know what to do. Please help? – Charity

Dear Charity

I don’t really see what is there to be confused about. It is important that you are in a relationship with a man you love, a man who loves you back. But when a man loves you and you don’t feel the same there is no point in starting a relationship with him, the whole point is in loving each other isn’t it?

It appears your real problem is that you only gave up on the idea that your ex-boyfriend listened to gossips – but your heart is still in love with him.

You decided to move on when you were still attached to this man and that is the reason why you are confused on whether you should dump your current boyfriend and get back to him.

As much as being loved feels so fantastic, you need to start a relationship following your own heart. Who you love is always the most important thing. You should not love someone because you feel pity for him.

Being Mother Theresa with your heart when it comes to love does not work. There is no formula to love; the answer lies deep in your heart. Ask yourself who you love and follow your heart.

It would just be unfair to your new boyfriend to continue in a relationship with him when your heart is really somewhere else. But you also need to make sure that your old boyfriend really loves you enough that he is prepared to stop listening to gossips.

Gossip is such a terrible thing – it can totally destroy a relationship. – Aunty Lisa

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