Tsvangirai welcomes back prodigal Chimbaira

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has welcomed back into his party Goodrich Chimbaira, who was fired by the Welshman Ncube led MDC yesterday.

Morgan Tsvangirai
Morgan Tsvangirai

Chimbaira, a former senior united MDC member, joined Ncube in his breakaway formation that was established after a 2005 fallout over the reintroduction of the senate.

Ncube’s MDC on Wednesday ordered Chimbaira, who immediately rejoined Tsvangirai, to stop conducting party business over claims of disobedience.

“Today is a happy day for the democratic movement as we once again welcome more people into the MDC big tent. We are glad that Goodrich Chimbaira…is rejoining us today.

“Together we are better and stronger. We are happy that more and more members continue to come back to the party they helped found some 16 years ago,” said Tsvangirai in a statement.

“We in the MDC appreciate the importance of working together and we welcome this son of the struggle (Chimbaira) back home. In our MDC family, there are people who have come from various political homes, be it Zanu PF, Mavambo, MDC-N, MDC T and others.

“But they are all welcome in this big family of democrats. Disagreements are permissible because we are a huge movement of diverse characters and sometimes we part ways, but today’s lesson is that we can always meet again especially if we all realize that this struggle needs all of us,” added Tsvangirai.

He said more people who had deserted him would come back and called on defectors to feel free to return to his party.

Tsvangirai said returnees were welcome because “this struggle is too big and needs all of us”. At its 2015 congress, MDC-T resolved to welcome back those who had deserted the party.

After the 2005 Ncube breakaway, MDC-T suffered another blow last year when secretary general, Tendai Biti, led away a sizeable number of senior members to form the Renewal Team.

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