Zims accuse SA cops

Zimbabweans living in South Africa have accused the police there of exhibiting xenophobic tendencies.

The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) Chairperson, Gabriel Shumba, said the pace at which the South African police was moving to thwart xenophobic attacks was of major concern to them. In some instances, the police were not reacting at all to reports of attacks on foreigners.

“The police are sadly part of the problem as they react late, if at all. Some of them have been blamed for xenophobic attitudes,” said Shumba. He warned that the police inaction could result in more deaths of foreigners in South Africa.

“ZEF calls these acts crimes against humanity, which may escalate to genocide if nothing much is done. We call upon all countries of the world to show solidarity with us as we face continued persecution in South Africa,” said Shumba.

When asked how the situation was for Zimbabweans without legal documents to stay in South Africa, Shumba admitted that they were in a tight situation as they could not go to seek refuge at police stations.

The situation is the same even for Zimbabweans who have regularised their stay. “Of course, all of us are affected by the pervasive fear that this terror is supposed to instil, even those of us with legal documents,” said Shumba. At least six foreign nationals have died due to xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Meanwhile, Zapu says t Zanu (PF) should take its share of the blame for the xenophobic attacks on Zimbabweans in South Africa. The party’s spokesperson, Mjobisa Noku, said Zanu (PF) had ruined the economy and this had resulted in millions flocking to seek greener pastures elsewhere.

“They have failed to put the economy right. They inherited an economy which was flourishing but at the moment there are no jobs and health institutions are in a sorry state. People have gone to South Africa to look for jobs and that is why we are saying Mugabe should be pushed out because he has failed the people of Zimbabwe,” said Noku.

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