Being a One Man Show: Video Conferencing for Individuals

When most people think of video conferencing, the mental image is clear: a group of men and women in clean-cut business suits, gathered around a table while a far-off colleague or supervisor squeaks out a whiteboard presentation on a large screen or projector display on the far wall.

This isn’t entirely incorrect, although today more of those men and women would be wearing their pajamas and sitting at home for the same presentation, but sticking to this stereotype does lead many consumers to assuming the uses of video conferencing are more limited than they are in reality.

Video conferencing software and hardware used to be a huge investment for anyone, but according to The Tech Block costs have declined as technological complexity increases. There’s a simple explanation: the more evolved the system, the better it’s understood, and the better it’s understood the less it costs to manufacture and manage. This has opened up video conferencing to the private sector.

Video Conferencing for You

According to Bit Rebels, video conferencing helps facilitate face to face communication and meetings, making the workday more effective; what about other uses? As it turns out, using video conferencing as an individual can also help both sides to be more effective.

One of the most common individual uses for true video conferencing technology—not to be confused with the popular and often free to use video calling software that comes pre-installed on every Windows computer on the planet—is in tutoring and education. Tutors trained in SAT prep can connect with students all over the country with the click of a mouse, guitarists offering lessons can physically show students on the other side of the world how to hit E minor, and life coaches can communicate with clients no matter where their business takes them.

How does this vary from video calling? The biggest difference is stability. A professional video conferencing platform promises 99 percent uptime, using cloud-based servers for speed and efficiency. Professional systems also offer more high definition video and audio, integral to anyone trying to impart knowledge long-distance, and other helpful features such as screen sharing, easy on-platform document transfer, session recording for later streaming and more.

Features and Finances

There are plenty of professional video conferencing platforms available today, but for the average consumer cost is worth just as much as service. The current favorite economical option is Blue Jeans, a company born in 2009 and based in Silicon Valley, driven to offering what refers to as “system-agnostic” video conferencing. This is particularly important for individuals seeking to utilize this technology, as it allows them to connect to friends, family, students and clients on the video conferencing program of their choice. No installing new programs, no creating a new login.

With an increasing number of individuals coming to Blue Jeans for video conferencing solutions, it’s worth checking out the features that a consumer needs versus business needs.

• While a business may require an “all you can meet” arrangement in order to host video conferences with dozens of attendees, it’s unlikely than an individual will need to be able to host more than a dozen. Platforms that offer flexible pricing based on the number of feasible connections are recommended in this case.

• Most businesses may not be seeking out mobile conferencing options, but consumers and individuals definitely are! Being able to meet face to face with a close friend from another country when all they have to communicate is a smartphone isn’t just a pipe dream anymore, whether you have FaceTime or not.

• Recording meetings among businesses is usually in an effort to track meeting minutes or allow tardy attendees to review the information they missed; for the average consumer, this is an opportunity to review a tutoring session in preparation for a test without having to actually contact the tutor, or watch a new online family video over again on a rainy day.

The features that businesses use to maintain their status quo can be used by individuals in new and effective ways. The key is finding a service that offers the features you need at a price you can afford.

Ready to Get Started?

With the number of low-cost and flexible options available today, there’s no reason not to turn to video conferencing software to keep in touch with your friends, loved ones, clients and more. Stop worrying about whether you have the program needed to make the call by opting for an interoperable platform, and enjoy high-definition audio and video thanks to cloud processing.

Video conferencing may have been developed for big business but there’s nothing left to stop it from becoming a common household installation. Do the research to decide what features you need, which features you want and those that you can do without; once you know what you’re after, make your own call on which platform will work best for you. Get started now and be one of the first to turn video conferencing into your household’s favorite communication method.

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