“Bulawayo Bomber” targets Polish fighter

World Boxing Federation Africa heavyweight champion and Zimbabwean cage fighter Elvis “Bulawayo Bomber” Moyo believes he will win more trophies this year.

Elvis “Bulawayo Bomber” Moyo believes he will win more trophies this year.
Elvis “Bulawayo Bomber” Moyo believes he will win more trophies this year.

He is scheduled to take on the Polish international fighter Thomas Kowalkoski on the 6th of June at Carnival City, Johannesburg, South Africa.“I want to win everything that comes on my way this year without fail,” said a determined Moyo.

“I was born to fight and with experience I have gained in the past few years there is nothing to stop me. Whenever in the ring what comes in my mind is the reputation of my country. I do this because for the love of my country nothing more. Fighting is in my blood and I was born for it. I have always maintained that cage fight is an excellent sport compared to all other fighting ones like boxing and wrestling. I will die in the cage while doing my country proud.”

Moyo went on to express confidence towards victory ahead of the upcoming match and has intensified his training programme.

“My brother I fight like a wounded buffalo always. I will beat the Polish man without doubt. He made a mistake of taking a short notice match. I have already identified my advantages over him. He is very tall making it easier for me to feast on his body; he will regret ever taking this match. I was supposed to fight with Ricky Misholas from Democratic Republic of Congo but he chickened out as he was very much aware of what was awaiting him. I am fit and ready for any challenge in the cage,” he added.

He previously expressed enjoyed fighting in the cage. “What I like about the cage fight is that you can use arms, kick or choke an opponent. The difference is that in boxing you have to concentrate and you have to be cautious because you can’t do something like hitting an opponent at the back of their head.” The Bulawayo Bomber beat Sors “Guru” Grobbelaar in his debut cage fight in March last year. He has only suffered defeats against Brendon Groenwald and Andrew Van Zyl since he began fighting.

Three months ago, Moyo traded leather with South Africa’s Lance “Hulk Slash” Ceronio in an EFC Africa heavyweight preliminary bill at Carnival City where he won through a knockout in the second round.?In 2014 Moyo ended his year on a high note after he beat Knife Didier-Kolola in Cape Town, South Africa, while he had earlier in the year beaten Wilhelm “Tiny” Straus.

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