Democratic ouster of Mugabe unlikely

With three years to go before the next election, there are signs that Zanu (PF) will once again be the “winners”. But victory for Robert Mugabe, who will be 94, will not even require the services of Nikuv or the usual ballot stuffing or the transportation of Zanu (PF) supporters into opposition strongholds.

Opposition parties have refused to take part in the June 10 by-elections, citing the absence of an equal playing field. Prior to the 2013 elections, Sadc ordered media and security sector reforms in order to ensure free and fair polls. But Mugabe pressed ahead without them. The outcome of the poll remains questionable owing to several irregularities.

Consequently, opposition parties have refused to participate in all future elections, until reforms are introduced. Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has issued a statement indicating that Zanu (PF) is only happy to continue without reforms, in order to guarantee a lifetime rule for Mugabe and unchallenged reign for his successor.

‘Let those who are boycotting elections continue to do so and we will continue to rule, we will increase our MPs in parliament,’ said Mnangagwa. His use of the word ‘rule,’ as opposed to ‘govern,’ is indicative of Zanu (PF)’s chieftainship mentality, of ruler, subjects and lifetime reign.

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