Desperate game of distractions

Ever since Zanu (PF)’s election burglary of July 2013, life has been at a standstill. For most citizens, it is the same routine of waiting in line at Western Union for alms sent by family and friends who had the foresight to escape the economic rot.

If citizens are not waiting in line for donations, they are seated on bridges or under trees, nursing their sun-scorched wares – bananas, oranges, airtime cards and sweets – at their illegal vending stalls. It is a country where everybody is trying to sell something.

In the last two years, Zanu (PF), having no solutions to the deepening crisis, has resorted to a desperate game of distractions. First there was Salarygate, then Grace Mugabe’s public squabble with Joice Mujuru, then Mugabe’s ostentatious birthday parties, Bona’s lavish wedding and the so-called ‘clean up’ of the ruling party.

When Mugabe sacked a boatload of ministers, including former VP Joice Mujuru in 2014, it looked as though Zanu (PF) had imploded. But even the disintegration of the party was a useful distraction from his many unsolvable problems. Mugabe – the cause of all our woes – is so embarrassed about the situation that he can no longer bear to sit in his own office or living room for more than a week.

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