Exiles blame Mugabe for mis-leading statements

Exiled Zimbabweans have blasted President Robert Mugabe for trying to cover up for his misrule that has forced millions of people to leave the country for political and economic reasons.

President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

Mugabe recently blamed Zimbabweans living in South Africa for criminal behaviour. His statement drew the ire of opposition parties and other critics who are of the view that he and Zanu (PF) are to blame for the mass exodus of desperate Zimbabweans to neighbouring countries.

Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) Chairperson, Gabriel Shumba blamed Mugabe for issuing “self-serving” statements while turning a blind eye to the real issues affecting Zimbabweans.

“ZEF is of the belief shared by many, including President Zuma, that the major cause of people migrating to South Africa is misrule in their home countries. Thus, it is self-serving for our president to claim that people migrate to SA mainly because they believe there are greener pastures, or worse, to steal,” said Shumba.

“The majority of our people in South Africa are extremely educated, but settle for menial jobs because their own government has failed and is refusing to bring about a national convergence that will enable Zimbabweans from all walks of life to debate and bring solutions to the crisis we face,” Shumba said, adding that Mugabe’s sentiments had the potential of fuelling attacks on Zimbabweans living in South Africa.

“We want the world to know that Zimbabwe can only change for the better if Zanu (PF) abandons its combative style of governance and join a national consensus that will carve a better future for all of us and our children,” said Shumba.

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