Government on autopilot

The catch phrase among Zimbabweans today is ‘the country is on autopilot.’ But, frankly, the term ‘autopilot’ implies that the figurative aeroplane is headed to a pre-programmed destination. At the moment, Zimbabwe is headed nowhere.

The current by-election preparations have also given Zanu (PF) something to talk about. But after the June 10 polls, Zimbabwe will be back to waiting for the next vote in 2018. We seem to live only for the next election.

What is worse is that there may not be an election come 2018, owing to lack of financial resources and the boycott by opposition parties, who are demanding election reforms. While Mugabe and his band of thieves are only watching the calendar, praying that they survive a disastrous five-year term, many among the citizenry live in the hope that it will all come to an end, soon.

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