Mangoma faces arrest

Police are reportedly hunting MDC Renewal Team treasurer-general, Elton Mangoma , even though the reasons are not yet known, according to emerging reports.

Elton Mangoma
Elton Mangoma

Mangoma, who at one time was the energy minister in the 2009-13 coalition government, confirmed that the police law and order section had asked him to report at their offices.

"I was phoned by one superintendent and he said he was looking for me.They went to my house yesterday (Wednesday), but I had already travelled out of town, so I told them I would present myself on Monday," he said.

"I then sent my lawyer to talk to them, but apart from that, they want to arrest me. They did not say what they wanted to arrest me for," said Mangoma.

He has in the past been arrested for alleged fraud but the courts dismissed the case.

Police spokesperson, Charity Charamba, said she was not aware of the case as she had not been briefed on the case by the law and order section.

She was not responding to follow-up calls from The Zimbabwean.

Police have in recent weeks arrested human rights defenders, among them Sydney Chisi who heads a youth movement.

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