MDC condemns VP’s remarks on Gukurahundi

''The MDC has been totally taken aback by the crude and bizarre remarks that were made by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko in Masvingo last Thursday regarding the Gukurahundi genocide.


What we find totally appalling is the fact that this is the second time in as many months that Mphoko has uttered irresponsible,insensitive and reckless remarks about the very unfortunate and tragic Gukurahundi genocide that took place in the early up to the mid – 1980s, killing no less than 20 000 innocent villagers in the Midlands and the Matebeleland provinces.What we find even more shocking and unbelievable is the fact that Mphoko himself is supposed to hail from Matebeleland.

The cold,hard fact is that Gukurahundi was a genocide and as such,it was a crime against humanity.In his heart of hearts,Mphoko knows that Gukurahundi was a brutal and callous genocidal crime against the people of the Midlands and the Matebeleland provinces.This genocide was perpetrated with chilling brutality by the North Korean – trained Fifth Brigade.Both the unreleased Chihambakwe Commission of Inquiry Report and the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace Report have documented,in breath – taking detail,the horrific,cruel and inhuman criminal offences that were committed by the Fifth Brigade in the three western provinces of Zimbabwe.It is an unmitigated insult to the victims and the survivors of the Gukurahundi genocide for Mphoko to falsely and heartlessly claim that Gukurahundi was a conspiracy by the West.The MDC understands that Mphoko is singing for his supper since he is just a political nonentity who was literally plucked from nowhere; landing the highly esteemed position of Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.Be that as it may,Mphoko should not and indeed,must not be allowed to continue to add salt to injury by continually trivialising the traumatic and horrific Gukurahundi genocide whose scars are still to be healed to this very date.

Phelekezela Mphoko has clearly proved that he is not fit to be the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.This man is not fit for purpose.He should immediately step down as the Vice President of Zimbabwe.''

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