Muripo wants equal treatment

Top So Kyokushin karateka, Samson Muripo, recently challenged the Minister of Culture and Sports, Andrew Langa, to advocate for equality in the sporting industry.


“I am waiting for the day our country would equal opportunities and sponsorship to the sporting industry,” said Muripo in a recent interview.

“I have realised that most attention is still being given to football, tennis, swimming and cricket and I believe that is not fair. Minister Langa should address this now for a better tomorrow. Our sporting personalities need to be treated equally because they are all representing the country. Zimbabwe has enough potential to shock the international community. We only need enough financial support.”

Despite feeling largely neglected in his field of expertise, the multi-award winner said he would still continue to fight for more medals home.

“Karate is my life. It has given me an opportunity to discover my full potential and made me a champion in life. We are going through a very tough economic phase as a country, but there is a champion in every one of us despite those challenges.”

With more than 20 international medals, Muripo remains one of very few Zimbabweans to have won at World Cup level in any sport, joining other glorified sportspersons in the likes of Kirsty Coventry, Cara Black and Elliot Mujaji.

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