National convergence gathers steam

A national convergence initiative to promote dialogue on the crisis facing the nation is gathering steam, with a series of meeting set to be held soon.

Retired Bishop Sebastian Bakare
Retired Bishop Sebastian Bakare

The National Convergence Platform, led by retired Bishop Sebastian Bakare, will be held at a date yet to be confirmed, according to a statement by the respected cleric. Local and diaspora-based structures are being established as preparations for the conferences shape up.

“The National Convergence Process is taking shape, with national committees or thematic teams being formed in Zimbabwe and in the Diaspora. Details will be provided locally in but our team has tried to standardise the consultations into areas which will allow the widest discussion possible whole at the same time trying to come out with concrete outcomes,” said Bakare.

The NCP is aiming to provide an inclusive non-political platform for a national dialogue to provide a national vision that will get Zimbabwe out of its current political and social crisis.

Government is battling to raise money to fund key public programmes and costs because of poor revenue collection while the health, education sectors are struggling and water and power cuts are prevalent. It is also being said to be facing difficulties in mobilising money to import grain following poor harvests.

“The crisis is manifesting as an economic crisis but there are deep rooted problems in our society which have been allowed to fester for too long, and which are now threatening to drag the country into failed-statehood.

“The purpose of the planned workshops and conferences is to bring concerned Zimbabweans together to address the national crisis by generating workable interventions to mitigate the crisis,” said Bakare. The events will be all inclusive.

Racked by power struggles and splits, opposition political parties are seen as having largely failed to rally Zimbabweans or to come up with viable plans to tackle the crisis.

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