Newly-wed blues

Dear Aunty Lisa

I just got married and I have moved in with my husband. He has done all he can to make sure that the environment is nice for me.

His relatives have been friendly but my problem is that I find myself missing home too much and I sometimes cry because I am so homesick.

I don’t know if this is being normal but I thought once married to the man one loves living together would be something great.

I really looked forward to moving in with my husband, but why am I homesick and wishing I could spend some time with my mother and my two naughty brothers? Am I ever going to get used to it, because I am finding myself to be really lost? – Thelma

Dear Thelma

This is absolutely normal my dear. Don’t worry about it – it will surely pass. The early days of moving in with your husband as a newly married couple can be a little bit tough to adjust to. All your life you have been living with your family and you have been together for most of the time. A close-knit family is a wonderful thing and you should feel good about that. Parting from them is obviously not easy.

You are experiencing a normal feeling and you just need some time to adjust to your new home. Do not be too hard on yourself. For some people these things take a little bit more time than for others.

Once you are used to it, you will feel that that is where you belong. Imagine how you are feeling is what our mothers felt leaving their families to live in with our fathers, but when we look at them we see that where they are is where they really belong. We even have difficulty imagining them as part of their original family.

Eventually you will be fine, just make sure you enjoy some quality time with your husband before you have children and they start running around all over the place. – Aunty Lisa

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