Opposition a disaster says Biti

Opposition parties, weakened by internal squabbles and numerous scandals, have failed to offer any meaningful challenge since 2008 when Tsvangirai defeated Mugabe. His political career was only saved through a bloody campaign in which over 200 opposition party supporters lost their lives.


The Movement for Democratic Change now exists in several fragments, none of which can agree on leadership or election strategy. Madhuku’s NCA only appears to have been a meal ticket for the former lobby group and Zapu is virtually dead. Simba Makoni’s Mavambo-Kusile-Dawn is so invisible that one wonders if the name was intended to be Dusk.

Mugabe’s successor will probably have to pry the reins of power from his cold lifeless hands. With opposition parties unable to bring about any sort of meaningful change by democratic means, it seems that the only solutions left will not include the ballot.

Leader of the MDC Renewal faction, Tendai Biti, is correct in his assessment of the country’s politics. While accepting blame for having failed the electorate, Biti says Zimbabweans should take ownership of the struggle for democracy.

‘The opposition has been a disaster. The opposition owes an apology to the people of Zimbabwe… but the people of Zimbabwe too must shoulder the responsibility; you are as good as the opposition or the government you get…. We have to be our own Messiahs, unless we are prepared to confront this regime in the streets then we are wasting our time. We need the courage to confront this regime,’ said Biti.

Perhaps what is lacking among Zimbabweans is unity of purpose. Rather than collective protest, the citizens prefer to find individual solutions to national problems.

There is a business boom in the solar and generator sales sector, owing to Zesa’s failure. Borehole drilling companies have also experienced a purple patch, due to persistent water shortages. If all the effort could be rechanneled towards collective action, maybe then Zimbabwe will finally be free of the anchor on her ankle.

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