Politics of exclusion

Government’s mouthpiece, the Sunday Mail, has published its list of Zimbabwe’s top 50 richest people. There seems to be no criteria for drafting this list, other than thumb-sucking and guesswork.

I have never been one to care about ‘rich lists.’ One has to be either seriously idle, or moronic, to dedicate valuable man hours to the creation of such a pointless article.

But in its uselessness, this article echoes Zanu (PF)’s policy of exclusion which has created a paranoid white citizenry, an angry and marginalised Matebeleland and virtually invisible ‘Coloured’ community.

In the top 38 of Zimbabwe’s richest people, there is not one person from Matebeleland. Despite having white multimillionaires who quietly make their money, it is the Sunday Mail’s view that the Rautenbachs, Cohens and Macmillans do not possess piggy banks large enough to deserve mention in the who-is-who catalogue. While the Sunday Mail dreams up its rich list, the Mohameds and Patels, possessing old silent money, laugh into the fine fabric of their kurta pyjamas.

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