Serenading boyfriend ‘drove all night’

A MUSICIAN rode 124 miles on a rusty old motorbike with a top speed of 30mph to make up with his girlfriend by serenading her in Brighton.

Benjamin Brown, otherwise known as Mick Squalor, 24, from Manningtree in Essex, journeyed seven hours across unfamiliar roads to Kemptown to apologise to his girlfriend Krista Lynch.

Mick decided to apologise to her face-to-face after an argument about how often the couple see each other in their long-distance relationship.

It meant travelling to Brighton on his 1971 Honda C70, which Mick said does a generous 30 miles per hour downhill.

Mick said: “We were rowing earlier. It’s hard because I live in Manningtree and she lives in Brighton so we don’t see each other that much and she said I never come to see her. I hope that this has changed her mind.”

Mr Squalor got lost several times on the way.

He said: “I got lost in East Grinstead and in Lewes. There were times where I thought I might have to sleep in a bin or in a church graveyard.”

When Mick reached Krista’s house in Kemptown at 2am on Friday morning he realised he did not have a phone, and therefore no way of contacting her.

He said: “I climbed up four flights of scaffolding to her window with my guitar. It was awkward because my guitar box was full of underpants, but I started playing.

“I played a love song I wrote where the chorus is ‘I love you’ in Latvian. I know it’s cheesy but I knew she would recognise it.”

Krista, 22, was amazed to see him. She said: “It was 2am and he still had his helmet on and had drawn a moustache on his face when I saw him.

“It’s the kind of thing he would do but I still couldn’t believe he was there.” Mick’s gesture appears to have worked as the relationship is back on track.

Krista said: “I forgot about the argument as soon as he came through my window. I was just amazed that he had got up the scaffolding.”

Mick also recently made headlines when he arranged to play a gig in a toilet in Ipswich after singing while he was relieving himself and noticing the great acoustics.

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