State withdraws charges against Baba Jukwa suspect

The State withdrew charges against Sunday Mail editor, Edmund Kudzayi, whom they accused of being the Facebook character, Baba Jukwa.


The Senior Public Prosecutor, Tawanda Zvekare withdrew the charges telling the court the state was still investigating the allegations and would proceed by way of summons.

The Magistrate, Milton Serima then removed Kudzayi from remand.

Kudzayi, his brother Phillip and other unnamed persons were alleged to have planned to overthrow the government of zimbabwe through violent means. They were accused of having formed a secret group called the Gunda-Nleya Brigade and Zimbabwe Revolutionary Army.

Kudzayi was also accused of posting subversive articles on the Baba

Jukwa Facebook page to stir an uprising against the government in the lead -up to the 2013 presidential and general elections.

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