The Ambulance

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Unbelievable things are happening in Zimbabwe. While the chill of winter creeps in, politics is heating up to boiling point ahead of forthcoming by- elections.

Following the expulsion from parliament and Zanu PF for allegedly supporting the now expelled Vice President Mrs Mujuru, ex Zanu PF MP’s are putting themselves forward as candidates in by-elections and it’s turning into a circus. For years these same MP’s have been singing the praises of Zanu PF, calling it a peaceful, non violent, democratic party but now they’ve changed their tune dramatically.

Irony and absurdity is all around us and the contradictions so stark that you’re left wondering if we’ve been infected with a dose of national amnesia.

Perpetrators have become victims Givers have become takers Deniers have become accusers… and this is all within Zanu PF.

Frankly it’s insulting to ordinary Zimbabweans who have suffered such horrors for so long to even entertain the thought of sympathy for these ex Zanu PF MP’s. They seem to have forgotten what they did to get into power; what they did to get those farms they seized and how many lives and jobs they destroyed in the process; what they did to get those votes they ‘won’ and how many were left running and hiding as a result. But we, their victims, haven’t forgotten. I’m not going to write about their whining and complaining but just tell one short, sad, absurd story that was in the news recently because this describes the mentality of our current politicians exactly.

When Mutare businessman and Zanu PF central committee member, Mr Mupfumi, lost the 2008 senatorial elections to the MDC, he withdrew an ambulance that he had previously donated to the city of Mutare. Fast forward seven years, remove the MDC from the scene and Mr Mupfumi is again standing for election on a Zanu PF ticket. So what does he do?

Yes, Mr Mufumi has re-donated the same ambulance back to the city of Mutare. Talk about vote buying, sour grapes and then more vote buying.

Zimbabwe suffers while this nonsense goes on and ordinary people are the only victims. Please keep journalist/activist Itai Dzamara in your thoughts: missing now for almost two months. Until next time, thanks for reading, love cathy.

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