Time to clean-up this mess and march to victory

Now that Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE) has been formally launched inside Zimbabwe, the time to decide how we chart our way forward as a people is now.

Ben Paradza
Ben Paradza

ZUNDE does not seek to reinvent the wheel, it does not claim to have a unique vision that no one has articulated before. The MDC’s and even Zanu-PF itself have said the same thing.

The difference is whether they have remained honest and committed to what they were saying. People have been hoping to see a genuine commitment to change. Zunde has come at that time when hope is sagging and political engagement has become cynical.

When Zanu-PF, together with ZAPU, were fighting the struggle, some of us in ZUNDE today were there, right in the front. We carried the message of hope to our people and they truly embraced it. The message was that of freedom, genuine freedom; that power belongs to the people and democracy meant governing in accordance with the wishes and consent of the governed.

The MDC also came when corruption and food shortages were beginning to bite. Zanu-PF was clearly sidestepping from the path that the people had chosen.

During the struggle, Zanu-PF was popular because it spoke the language of the people. The MDC also became popular because they spoke words that resonated with the aspirations of the common people. Words have not been difficult to speak. Zunde will not come up with anything unique. We know what the people expect of us. It is how we translate those words into action that has brought out the hypocrisy in Zanu-PF and the ineptitude of the MDC’s

We are here today because those we once regarded as great people have dismally failed the people. They have failed to do what they said they will do for the people. Instead they have even destroyed the things that the people cherished and hoped for. Now we languish in absolute poverty because of greed, corruption and wrong choices, wrong decisions, an epitome of chaotic leadership.

If the MDC had not rescued Zanu-PF by going into the GNU when Zanu-PF was on its knees, there would be no Zanu-PF to talk about today. Long before ZUNDE came to be, our cadres were part and parcel of the journey of our struggle from pre 1980 to the present. We have seen times of success. We have seen times of failure. People have been repeatedly let down by Zanu-PF and MDC’s. They have gone to that stage where all hope was lost and it’s ZUNDE that will clean up the mess and prepare for a better tomorrow.

This is the time to sweep and clean all the dirt, even that which is under the carpet and to put ourselves on track. In Zunde, we believe it is you the ordinary suffering masses who should own this struggle. Your dreams must remain at the centre of it all. We believe no one is greater than the other. No one should claim higher moral ground than the other, we are all equal. Greatness comes from the little flames that you create, those little fires that you light in the darkness that create the change you want for yourself ,your children and posterity. One of our leaders once said;-

"Change comes from small fires and small initiatives which work. When those small fires are lit and fanned, they grow and become the fashion. We cannot wait for great visions from great people because great people are in short supply. It is up to us to light up our own fires in the darkness to bring about the change we want".

Let these words inspire you, let them inspire us.

Mugabe was presumably great before he started committing acts of genocide in Matebeleland. The world even declared him a statesman and some even knighted him. Morgan Tsvangirai was equally great before he started enjoying GNU power and chasing after every beautiful woman in town. He led a gallant struggle of workers and almost unseated Zanu-PF were it not for the rigging machinery and other reasons. To his credit, he is the only man to have accomplished this against Mugabe.

But what has happened to these former great men? Mugabe has become the worst racist dictator ever, albeit worse than Hitler. To make it more despicable, he even boasts about it. Tsvangirai went through a crisis in his personal life. He made too many mistakes including the GNU and women. He has frustrated the entire struggle and donors who came to assist the struggle in good faith have literally given up on our struggle. Now he is tired and it is only a matter of time before he accepts that fact and hands over to the younger generation.

ZUNDE is that change you have all been hoping for. It is time to join hands and move forward and defeat this wicked regime. Every one of you, every colour, every race, age, creed and persuasion has that obligation to move forward together and push the struggle forward. We don’t create enemies. We make friends as we unite in this struggle. Those who say it cannot be done, must get out of the way or stand aside and give our people a chance to free themselves from abject poverty and gross indignity.

There is not a soul today in Zimbabwe that does not see the need for change whether you are in the security sector or just an ordinary peace-loving citizen. Fear has ceased to be an option for us. Get this loud and clear. Zanu-PF we do not fear you!! We shall fight you with every ounce of energy in our bodies. We declare that the gloves are off, we have waited for far too long to get to this, hoping Zanu-PF and the mafia who lead it would see the folly of their madness. We have realised that they are all too drunk with power and corruption beyond redemption. Someone has to step in and stop the mess.

From henceforth, let us think ZUNDE. Everyone should register as a voter because 2018 is coming. It is the year that we shall declare victory of the people. We are marching to victory and no one and nothing will stand in our way. The march to victory starts now and everyone must start the journey together at the same time. Those who want to join us with good intentions must come forward and we will embrace them. Those who left us before and want to come back, this is your time. This struggle is unstoppable. Izunde ramambo! The future belongs to those who create it today. Together we stand; divided we fail. This is not the time to do nothing or to sit on the fence. ZUNDE might as well be the answer you have been waiting for.

Ben Paradza, Vice President, ZUNDE

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