We are the most popular—MDC-T

MDC-T has responded to the recent Afrobarometer that says President Robert Mugabe is the most trusted political leader in Zimbabwe, saying it remains the most popular and biggest political party.

Obert Gutu
Obert Gutu

Afrobarometer has just released findings of study done six months ago saying Mugabe enjoyed more than 60 percent of Zimbabweans trust.

While MDC-T said it was still studying the report, it noted that the study was done at a time the party was going through problems that manifested through power struggles to control the opposition outfit.

Then, there was a wrangle over who must claim legitimate ownership of the party between a faction led by Morgan Tsvangirai and the Renewal Team headed by Tendai Biti.

“The MDC takes note of the fact that the MPOI (Mass Public Opinion Institute) and Afrobarometer survey was conducted in November 2014; at a time when the party was going through a difficult period and there was a lot of negative publicity.

“Since then, however, the MDC has stabilised. We have successfully dealt with the issue of the 21 rebel Members of Parliament who have since been recalled from Parliament.

“As such, the question regarding who is the legitimate MDC has since been settled beyond a shadow of doubt. As shown by our very well-attended rallies, morale is back in our camp and we are in the process of rebuilding trust and confidence amongst Zimbabweans,” said MDC-T’s national spokesperson, Obert Gutu, in a statement.

“We also take note of the fact that six (6) months have elapsed since this survey was done. We note that in the interim there have been fundamental changes in the political terrain and a new leadership of the party has since been elected at the hugely successful 4th national congress that was held in Harare late last year.

“On the contrary, Zanu (PF) has since effectively split into at least two very antagonistic and irreconcilable factions, the Gamatox and the Weevils. With due respect, therefore, it would be absolute fallacy to suggest that the majority of Zimbabweans as of now have more respect and support for the beleaguered and faction- ridden Zanu (PF) political party,” noted MDC-T.

The party, though, said it took the study seriously and would “use the report to inform its strategies going forward.”

The party accused Zanu (PF) of tyranny and dictatorship, saying the ruling party had failed to transform into a conventional democratic party.

MDC-T hailed the study for observing the prevalence of corruption in Zimbabwe, saying it had already noted the existence of the scourge and added that Zanu (PF) was close to collapse.

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