Where’s Mugabe?

How convenient that the filthy rich Zanu (PF) elite have been kept out of this nonsensical list. The proprietor of Gushungo Dairy – supposedly as big as Nestlé – and army general, Constantine Chiwenga – with his fleet of luxury cars, a vast collection of diamond encrusted watches and innumerable properties – are either too poor to be included, or far too scary.


All humour aside, it is tragic that Zimbabwe has become a country where if you are black, you are expected to be Shona and if you are any other colour, you are pretty much irrelevant. In the land reform program, very little has been said about people of mixed parentage – the coloured community. The late Senator Joseph Culverwell is the only ‘Coloured’ person to have been buried at the National Heroes Acre. Is this to say that ‘Coloured’ people took no part in the liberation struggle?

Until the late 1890s, there existed a Matebele kingdom. Under Robert Mugabe, Kalangas living in South Africa are criminals and the lives of over 20,000 Ndebeles matter very little. Grace Mugabe can only have learned her tribalistic vitriol from her ancient husband – remember the first lady’s ‘what’s wrong with you Bulawayo’ outburst?

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