Zimbabwe’s clinical trial oversight leaves room for ethical violations

The supervision and monitoring of clinical trials in Zimbabwe faces serious challenges in protecting the rights of clinical trial participants.

Today, Wemos issues a report that describes flaws in the current system of clinical trials oversight. This is demonstrated by the story of an HIV-positive Zimbabwean woman attacked by blindness during her trial participation.

Late 2010, the young Zimbabwean mother Grace Mawere participated in a medical study that looked into second-line treatment for HIV patients whose first-line treatment is failing. During the clinical trial, Grace’s vision declined and she was diagnosed with partial blindness.

It is plausible that the trial drugs caused her loss of eyesight. Sadly, neither the trial sponsor nor the principle investigator did properly investigate whether there was a causal link between the tested drugs and Grace’s eyesight problems. As a result, she never received compensation or proper treatment. On 6 April 2014, Grace passed away.

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