1,4 million cattle need to be saved

The government needs to take urgent action to save 1,4 million cattle in Masvingo province whose pastures are in a very bad shape, the Cattle Producers Association has said.

The provincial chairman of the association, Robert Makado, said the government should provide funds to buy supplementary food for the livestock.

“The pastures in Chivi, Mwenezi and Chiredzi are very poor and we are urging government to provide funding to save the cattle. Normally each farmer should buy supplementary foods for his or her cattle but shortage of funds is the main challenge. Given that such a large number of cattle has to be saved then we feel government should chip in to make sure that our efforts to rebuild the country’s herd are not derailed,” said Makado.

He also expressed concern over the current low beef producer price, arguing that farmers were being short-changed. Most abattoirs are buying our meat for less than $2 per kilogram and we are saying it is too little,” he said.

“Some companies only pay for the real meat and take offal free of charge. Then they go on to sell the offal for profit. It is daylight robbery,” he said.

“We have seen government funding some sectors of the economy but as cattle producers we have not received any funding from the state. We are a very critical element of the economy hence government should support us,” added Makado.

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