Bombs found on bus at Beitbridge border post

TWO hundred bombs have been found in a bus that had come from Zimbabwe at the Beitbridge border post, the SA Revenue Service (Sars) said on Wednesday.

"Sars officials discovered 200 explosive detonating devices in a bus at the Beitbridge border post on June 23, 2015 [Tuesday]," it said in a statement.

"Just before 22:00 on June 23 [Tuesday], a customs detector dog unit member was conducting a search of a bus which had just entered South Africa from Zimbabwe when he discovered the detonating cords hidden in a bag on the bus."

The cords were wrapped in clothing at the bottom of the bag, which allegedly belonged to the conductor of the Zimbabwe-registered bus.

"The SAPS explosives unit was called in and the 200 detonating cords were handed over to them. The suspect was arrested and is in the custody of SAPS.

“The cords, which contain explosives, could be used in criminal activities such as the illegal mining industry, blowing up ATMs, etc."

Sars said it would continue to do everything in its power to ensure prohibited and restricted goods, such as explosives, were prevented from entering or leaving South Africa illegally.

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