EU must not fund Mugabe govt

EDITOR - We foresee an upsurge in human rights abuses by the Zanu (PF) government if organisations like the European Union and some ambassadors are continuously arm-twisted to fund Zanu (PF). Financing Zanu (PF) programmes and any of their government projects means fuelling abductions and human rights abuses.

The boycott of by-elections by the two major opposition parties does not mean victory for Zanu (PF). The people of Zimbabwe will never forgive Zanu (PF) for the 2008 political violence that left houses burnt and people dead – among them children.

It will take time for people to forget how their parents were whipped and raped by young Zanu (PF) thugs at secluded places. What President Mugabe should understand or be reminded is that he will one day pay heavily for his sins.

Zimbabweans will never forgive him and his people including the Mujuru camp. We cannot continue voting for a violent political party that has distorted our history and promoted violence.

The days are numbered for Mugabe and his party. God is trashing the Zanu (PF) empire for the good of this country. Zimbabwe has better political parties and political leaders with the capacity to take the nation forward.

Quite astonishing is the belief that the opposition in Zimbabwe is dead or dysfunctional. However there is need for an opposition coalition and that should take place early enough before the 2018 national elections.

The on-track reunification of the MDC and MDC Renewal should be taken seriously and considered a very good step towards the building of an opposition coalition in Zimbabwe.

The National convergence conference is around the corner, a platform that will help us to come to our senses and find each other. Zimbabweans should not expect miracles from the Robert Mugabe administration or any of his people – even if he leaves office today.


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