July Moyo bounces back

Zanu (PF)’s deputy secretary for administration, July Moyo, is set to bounce back at the helm of the Midlands as provincial state minister, a position equated to that of previous governors.

July Moyo
July Moyo

Moyo, a close ally of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is tipped to take over from the incumbent, Jason Machaya, who was suspended from Zanu (PF) for five years during a purge that targeted top party officials linked to deposed Vice President Joice Mujuru.

Moyo, a former Midlands governor himself, is widely seen as the strategist behind the rising political stock of VP Mnangagwa. He was one of the Zanu (PF) officials who were suspended several years ago after the infamous Tsholotsho Declaration, an event held in Matabeleland North where plans were set to be made to elevate Mnangagwa into the presidium.

Moyo is expected to be appointed when Mugabe announces the new names of members to fill vacancies left by purged Mujuru loyalists. Since his appointment to the post of deputy administration secretary, Moyo has been the most recognisable figure at state functions officiated by Mnangagwa both within the province and the country at large.

Sources revealed that he is set to take over from Machaya as part of a payback exercise engineered by Mnangagwa. “Moyo has been very supportive of Mnangagwa and he has really worked hard to ensure that the VP reaches where he is today. So the VP has made it possible that he also bounces back,” said the top source.

Another source pointed out that recent outbursts by Moyo like his pledge “to cut to size” farms of big-wigs in the province as well as expose multiple farm owners, is one of the signs that indicates he is the provincial minister in waiting. Moyo made the bold statement during a party rally in Gweru last month, adding that it was unacceptable for individuals to own huge chunks of land while over 12,000 applicants were on the waiting list in Midlands.

Other sources told The Zimbabwean that in the event of Moyo assuming the position, his role will definitely be to continue with grassroots work to ensure that Mnangagwa wins the battle to succeed Mugabe.

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