Mnangagwa admits Zanu (PF)’s cruelty

Vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa told a campaign rally at the weekend that if the people of Matabeleland don’t vote for Zanu (PF ) they would continue to be punished. He also said Bulawayo industries had collapsed and government could only rescue them if the people voted for Zanu (PF).

Paul Bogaert
Paul Bogaert

Even the water supply situation that has dogged Matabeleland since before independence would now be solved if people vote for Zanu (PF) he told the small gathering.

This is pathetic. Surely Zanu (PF) can do better than this? The electorate in Matabeleland, indeed throughout the country, is not stupid. They know full well that, come election time, Zanu (PF) makes the most grandiose election promises – which it has no intention of keeping.

The party is responsible for the mess we are in and have no idea how to get us out of it. The project to bring water from the Zambezi River to Matabeleland has failed on numerous occasions because it requires massive foreign investment and Zanu (PF) has driven investors away through incompetence, corruption and legislative blundering over the years. There is no way it is going to succeed if Zanu (PF) wins a few by-elections now.

As for the resuscitation of Bulawayo’s industries – Mnangagwa’s promise is ridiculous, particularly given the fact that industries all over the country have been closing down at an alarming rate since the 2013 elections. The economy has collapsed because of Zanu (PF)’s greed and President Robert Mugabe’s patronage system. It is that simple.

Mnangagwa’s admission that the people of Matabeleland have been punished over the years for not voting for Zanu (PF) is not news. But it is an interesting confirmation of the ruling party’s unspoken policy and betrays its cruelty.

Zanu (PF) is all talk. Before the 2013 elections they said they would create 2 million jobs. In the intervening 2 years since then the exact opposite has happened. Thousands of people have lost their jobs since then. Then there are the much-talked about so-called mega deals with China. All we see are a few bags of rice and a few more Chinese faces and low-quality trinkets on our streets.

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