Mugabe’s son gets away with murder

Grace Mugabe’s first born son, Russell Goreraza, has been fined $800 for causing the death of a pedestrian who he struck with his motor vehicle. The prosecutor told the court that Goreraza ‘failed to protect the life of other road users as he was speeding and did not apply any effort to save an innocent life.’

Russell Goreraza
Russell Goreraza

In the event that Goreraza fails to pay the $800 fine, he will serve a two-month prison term, which is hardly punishment, given mummy’s unlimited stash of ill-gotten cash. He is the child from Grace’s marriage to former air force pilot, Stanley Goreraza, who was manoeuvred like a chess piece by Robert Mugabe to a diplomatic post in China, either to eliminate the threat or perhaps to ease the president’s conscience, after his illicit liaison with his then secretary.

State owned broadcaster, ZBC, knowing that the Goreraza case had been published in the independent press, made a feeble attempt at impartial reporting. The ZBC news report made no reference to Goreraza’s relationship to Grace. The management at Pockets Hill can point to the half-baked story and say, ‘Look, we reported on the case.’

Russell, who is largely side-lined while the First Lady’s other children hog the society pages, has previously made the news for a labour dispute with workers at his Tolrose Mine, in Kadoma. In January 2015, Goreraza was ordered by a judge to cough up $340,000 in back-dated wages to 366 employees who had not been paid since 2011.

He is involved in another wage dispute ($150,000) which is still unresolved. He seized control of Tolrose mine in a messy business takeover involving businessman Patterson Timba.

Goreraza had a further 15 minutes of infamy after he was beaten up by bouncers at a Bulawayo nightclub belonging to Assistant Police Commissioner Erasmus Makodza, for attempting to forcefully enter the establishment while in possession of his own liquor, which is in breach of the nightclub’s regulations.

Following a complaint to the police, the ZRP anti-riot squad descended on the nightclub, indiscriminately assaulting revellers. Assistant Commissioner Makodza was transferred to a Police General Headquarters (PGHQ), in what looks like a demotion.

Grace Mugabe commandeered state helicopters and the ZBC for her Mujuru hate campaign. She abused police resources in her bid to evict farmers from Mazoe and has her face smeared all over buses belonging to Zupco, a government-owned transport company. There is an old saying, about apples always falling within the immediate radius of the tree. – Till next week, my pen is capped. Jerà

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