Residents fear Mrs Chiwenga’s motorcade

Residents of Harare’s Eastlea low density suburb are fearing for the lives of their children who are at risk of being knocked down by a high-speed motorcade.

Mary Chiwenga – motorcade speeds through residential area.
Mary Chiwenga – motorcade speeds through residential area.

The speeding convoy accompanies Mary, the new wife of Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander Constantine Chiwenga. She travels to the area daily, where she runs a beauty pageant business and traveling agency – Miss Zimbabwe Trust and La Roche Travel.

The speed limit in residential areas is 10 kms/hour but residents complain that Mary’s speed exceeds the required limit – especially along Boundary Road. They have requested that speed humps be built to slow down the speeding convoy as the existing road signs are not being obeyed by the soldiers who drive the vehicles. The motorcade includes a Range Rover and Mercedes Benz E-class.

Residents told The Zimbabwean they were even afraid to approach Mrs Chiwenga with their concerns as she was always accompanied by armed members of the Zimbabwe National Army.

“The two cars move at such a high speed and imagine one day they will run over our children,” said Mr Masenyama a resident. “Honestly how can one travel at above 120 kms per hour in a residential area where kids play? We have children cycling or playing games and they are at risk of being run over,” added another resident, Mrs Charinga.

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