Voters want MP Mutezo recalled

Zanu (PF) supporters in Chimanimani West have turned against their legislator Munacho Mutezo whom they want recalled from Parliament following his three-year suspension from the party.

Munacho Mutezo
Munacho Mutezo

The political turf has since become volatile for the former Politburo and Cabinet minister as he has literally lost control of his constituency. During the Independence Day commemorations, Mutezo was mobbed by supporters and youths who chanted jingles denigrating him and calling for his removal.

His political lifeline is currently on a knife-edge as a petition seeking his removal has been tabled to the Politburo. The former deputy Energy Minister refused to comment over the matter. But Manicaland provincial executive chairperson, Samuel Undenge, confirmed the development.

“It is true that people from Chimanimani West do not want Munacho Mutezo. A petition was sent to that effect due to his involvement in a ploy to remove President Mugabe. As the provincial executive, we sent the petition to the Politburo to decide on his fate and we are yet to get a response,” said Undenge. Constituents are understood to be advocating for his wife Letina to replace Mutezo.

Though Letina professed ignorance over the matter, she is on record declaring ambitions to contest the seat in the event that it falls vacant.

“Mutezo cannot simply be replaced by someone in the event that he is recalled from Parliament as we have a procedure that should be followed. The seat is supposed to be declared vacant first and then we hold primary elections to find a candidate that will represent us in by-elections,” said Undenge.

Mutezo was removed from his position as Deputy Energy Minister owing to his alleged links to a faction led by expelled former vice president Joice Mujuru. The purges have since claimed over 100 top officials.

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