Zanu (PF) buy elections

This week Zimbabwe elects parliamentarians for constituencies vacated by 17 legislators who forfeited their seats following departure from MDC-T and Zanu (PF).

With the Movement for Democratic Change factions boycotting the polls, Zanu (PF) is expected to win. But despite being clear favourites to win all 17 seats, the strategy has been to buy their way to victory.

Much of the rice donated to President Robert Mugabe on his begging trips to the Far East has been used to buy votes. Villagers in the most impoverished and forgotten parts of the country have suddenly had boreholes drilled by aspiring MPs.

There are also reports of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa ordering villagers to get party cards, as a prerequisite for receiving food aid. He also presented a new team bus for Highlanders Football Club.

Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube, who happens to be the Zanu (PF) candidate for Makokoba seat, contributed $25,000 of his own money (must be a hefty army pension) towards the purchase of the Highlanders FC team bus. Chief architect of Gukurahundi, Mnangagwa, seized the opportunity to try and cosy up to the people of Matebeleland – who will not easily forget his central role as CIO and ZRP-PISI boss, during a nightmare decade in which over 20,000 Ndebele people were murdered and over 60,000 raped.

Emmerson ‘The Crocodile’ Mnangagwa smiled his reptilian smile at the handover ceremony, where he officiated. In 2011 belittled the Gukurahundi massacre, describing it as a “non-event”.

Mnangagwa said ‘we don’t want to undermine efforts by our national leaders to reunite the people, if we try to open healed wounds by discussing such issues.’ Gukurahundi ended 27 years ago. The likes of Mnangagwa – the perpetrators – feel this is a closed chapter. Oddly, Zanu (PF) does not want to shut up about the Zanla forces’ role in the armed struggle, which happened over 35 years ago. The Jewish holocaust was even further back – over 70 years ago. Perhaps Matebele deaths matter less.

Highlanders would be foolish not to accept a free bus – even if handed over to them by blood-drenched hands – but it will take more than a motor vehicle to appease a province which not only mourns its murdered sons and daughters but is also continually overlooked by government.

Guilt is a strong


Sport, Arts and Culture Minister, Andrew Langa donated over $2,000 worth of sports equipment to schools in Tsholotsho. Jonathan Moyo, Zanu (PF) candidate for the Tsholotsho seat in parliament, offered the players of Tsholotsho Football Club double bonuses ($200 each) ahead of their game against Caps United FC.

Moyo also singlehandedly paid the club’s hotel expenses for the May 25th game against Dynamos FC in Harare. Moyo is mobilising funds for the construction of a new $4,5M home ground for Tsholotsho FC. Guilt is a strong motivator. Moyo may be overcompensating, after selling out the people of Tsholotsho by joining Zanu (PF). Tsholotsho was the epicentre of Mugabe’s Gukurahundi. One wonders where all this generosity was, between 1980 and 2015. Zanu (PF) murdered and raped in Matebeleland and, 27 years later, the same barbaric elements have returned to the region to force themselves upon the Ndebele people – but this time using money. Mugabe’s party may as well give out actual cash at the polling queues, because these sudden acts of philanthropy are blatant vote buying. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has remained silent on the matter, proving its partiality. Rita Makarau’s team may as well change its name to Zanu Electoral Commission.

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