Zanu (PF) to brainwash youths

Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Lazarus Dokora plans to introduce a new rule compelling all school children to salute the national flag and recite a pledge of patriotism. If this were introduced in any other country, it might be construed as a nation-building proposal.

Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Lazarus Dokora
Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Lazarus Dokora

But we all know Zanu (PF) to be champions of indoctrinating unsuspecting citizens. The ruling party has made itself the sole authority on the liberation struggle. Mugabe habitually hijacks the country’s independence celebrations. Rather than reconciliation and racial harmony, he preaches the language of hate in all of his Independence Day speeches.

The land “reform” is racial; Coloureds, Indians and whites cannot own farms. Joshua Nkomo’s PF Zapu, which played a huge part in the liberation struggle is hardly mentioned and is now a minor partner in an alliance with Mugabe’s Zanu (PF).

There is a blurred line between Zanu (PF) politics and national issues; the country’s flag is merely a modified version of the Zanu (PF) banner – chances are it is not by coincidence. Heroes of the liberation war are only chosen by Mugabe. In fact, icons of the struggle – Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa – have all had their ‘comrade’ titles rescinded, merely for opposing Mugabe.

In the late 1990s, Mugabe introduced national service, during which youths were trained in torture tactics and intimidation. Graduates of the Border Gezi camp – known as ‘Green Bombers’ – were the very same militia who were unleashed on civilians in past elections. With Zanu (PF), the motives are never without evil design. This could very well be the rebirth of Hitler Youths.

If Dokora goes ahead with his plan, we can expect our children to be singing praises of Mugabe, whose photograph already watches over us in every public office and government school.

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